B&B Hotels Germany
Success story

Increase in turnover thanks to the online hotel booking system

B&B Hotels Deutschland has already been completely supported by TourismusSuite GmbH on the basis of the touristic ecommerce system "TourismusSuite" since 2010. We started with 14 hotels in Germany and now more than 120 hotels are being successfully marketed using the modern TourismusSuite hotel management system. The clear online hotel booking system that has also received numerous awards forms the core of the application, it being a guarantee for the permanently positive turnover balance of the booming hotel group both in the past and now.

Diverse check out procedures

The hotel guest can book a room and additional services in a short amount of time and in simple steps. Three different check out procedures are available with “Lapse at 7.00 p.m.“, ”Guaranteed with a credit card“ and ”pre-payment“.

Dynamic preparation of offers

Availabilities, rates and prices are determined in real-time using the homogenously connected 'Opera Web Service (OWS)' multi property management system from the company Oracle before they are dynamically prepared for offers together with the stored multilingual HotelGuest App contents.

Premium class "B&B Hotels Classic" and "B&B Hotels ClubCard"

With these guest programs, CRM, CRS and CMS information is linked in the TourismusSuite and is continually synchronised with the PMS. With the "B&B Hotels Classic", the focus is on the fast booking on the basis of stored profile data. With the "B&B Hotels ClubCard", overnight accommodation points can be collected using a customised customer card, it then being possible to convert these to overnight accommodation vouchers. The points or vouchers summary and the booking history can be called up at anytime using the personal services. At the beginning of January 2018, the B&B Hotels Deutschland hotel portal was migrated to the latest version of the TourismusSuite. The focus of the relaunch was on the aim of strengthening the technological infrastructure further so that it was possible to keep up with the around 15 new hotel openings per year in the coming years. We thank B&B Hotels Deutschland for the long years of trustful cooperation.