Magazine Demo

Digital customer magazine on all devices

TourismusSuite eMagazin extends the digital customer relationship and brings a periodical magazine of a hotel or a hotel group on the digital devices of the customers. By providing a magazine in the digital media, important content is created that contributes to a better search engine ranking (SEO) and significantly increases the range of interesting content / information. Therefore guests can rummage in the digital magazine on the way, too.

Existing digital layout data will be used as a base for the new online magazine. Once converted and imported, a digital magazine is created, which can be operated and read in a clear and structured way on all modern, digital devices and app's. The look & feel is kept due to the cross-media recognition factor.

Print MagazinE

Finished print version
of the layouter

Conversion & Import

Contents of the layout file are
converted and imported

Online Magazine

Complete generated responsive
presentation of the magazine

With each new release date, the once-prepared process is repeated. Within a short time you can publish a professional online magazine adapted to the digital world with the following benefits:

  • Additional content that leads to a better search engine ranking (SEO) and more portal visitors
  • Higher range of information / content
  • Optimisation of the customer relationship
  • Optimal presentation on mobile devices
  • No special plugin necessary
  • Easy integration in iOS and Android app's
  • Recognition factor to the print magazine

Use our Online-Demo to get a better idea of how the online magazine is presented. If interested, we look forward to your contact request.